4 Ways to Effectively Publish Content

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4 Ways to Effectively Publish Content

Maximizing everything you publish with marketable intent is essential. It’s a process, too, but with practice you should be able to attract new readers and keep a piece of content alive long past its expiration date.

Calibrating Your Goals

Before publishing any form of content, whether it’s a blog or Facebook post, you need to make sure you’re actively pursuing the purpose of the piece. Is your goal to reach new customers, secure existing ones, or share information about a new product or service? Whatever your objective is, you can shape your marketing tones and style to meet your goals.

Having a step outline, or goal list, is a good way to calibrate your content. Decide what you want to do early on then tailor everything you produce to work toward a specific goal. Often, companies will have two or three overall such as…

With the second goal in mind, for instance, marketers should attempt to fortify their efforts by publishing supportive content through various means. A Facebook post, for example, could be used to tie together a blog on a website. It’s just as easy to tweet out a reminder link a few days later to continue to promote specific content.


Once you have a purpose, it’s time to create your content. How you go about this depends on your style, creative capabilities, and resources. Creating content, however overwhelming, is often the easiest part.

Start by farming topics that are relevant to your industry or, more specifically, your business. You can find topics by researching other popular blogs, asking your followers what they want to read, or trying out something new. Often, the best topics are combinations of popular ideas or comparisons between differing products and services.

Before publishing, make sure to edit your content (religiously), link in sources, and format everything so it reads well on multiple devices. This goes for social media, blogs, and anything you publish on the Internet.

Content Curating

Content curation is how a marketer organizes content to maximize the odds of online users finding it. One way to look at this strategy is to create content that is relevant and sharable. Next, you need to make sure the most important pieces of content are prioritized on your website and blog. You can help this process by sourcing other blogs, making tags, and organizing your content.

Circulating Content

Even once content is published, it’s important to continuously circulate it throughout social media, when applicable. There are a few “do-nots” when it comes to circulation, however, which include:

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